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Recent Posts

  • Hi @Anish_Pillai , Are you using the TP4056 standalone module or specific breakout/ready-made boards with NodeMCU?

    You can refer to the circuit below if you use generic readymade modules.

    [Src 📸:electronicspices]

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  • A

    I wanted to run my NodeMCU board with a li-ion battery. How to use TP4056 safely with NodeMCU and monitor the battery status.

    I am trying to build a pulse oximeter NodeMCU and Max30100 sensor.

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  • PCB Designing Workshop[ Malayalam] - Kerala IoT Challenge

    Printed Circuit Boards are the foundational building block of most modern electronic devices. Take your first step towards the Electronic World by learning how to design your own IoT Circuit Board using Fusion360.

    Speaker : @saheen_palayi
    Hardware Maker Expert NASSCOM Foundation
    Mentor Foxlab Makerspace

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  • Do you have an idea to develop IoT devices that can track a cow's vital signs and aid in disease early detection?

    Apply for the Internet of Cattle Challenge.

    The challenge seeks solutions for various problem statements that include a system of identification for animals that helps to keep track of their health condition, possible diseases, and milk yield through genetic mapping.

    Application Link:


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  • 2022-11-05 15.24.56.jpg

    Hi Makers,

    In this MakerChat 0x0F, we are going to look into "Rapid Prototyping Using Digital Fabrication" with our star maker Mr Jogin Franscis from Fablab Kerala, Kerala Startup Misson.
    MakerChat 0x0F - Rapid Prototyping Using Digital Fabrication 🖨 :

    Hi 👋In this MakerChat 0x0F, we are going to look into "Rapid Prototyping Using Digital Fabrication" with our star maker Mr Jogin Francis from Fablab Kerala, Kerala Startup Misson.

    Why should you Join MakerChat?

    Are you passionate about electronics? or a Hardware entrepreneur whos building a hardware startup to make your dream product? Or building hardware products for others as a service? or a student who wants to work in electronics and hardware product designing, engineering and Manufacturing? You should Join MakerChat. 😎

    In this edition, we specifically learn and discuss the rapid prototyping technique using digital fabrication by utilising 3D printing, Laser cutter, CNC machining, PCB milling tool...etc to make your prototype more efficiently, easily and quickly 🙌.

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