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  • Hi @Anish_Pillai , Are you using the TP4056 standalone module or specific breakout/ready-made boards with NodeMCU?

    You can refer to the circuit below if you use generic readymade modules.

    [Src 📸:electronicspices]

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  • A

    I wanted to run my NodeMCU board with a li-ion battery. How to use TP4056 safely with NodeMCU and monitor the battery status.

    I am trying to build a pulse oximeter NodeMCU and Max30100 sensor.

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  • @salmanfaris Actually I'm not sure what was that Core 0 register dump:
    But I parsed the JSON. Refer Here for cJSON example. But while working this one, faced another problem. HTTP response includes the whole headers, status code, and body. JSON parser only work if the whole response in the form of JSON. So, Initially stored all responses into a char buffer and cleaned all headers. By using if(response[i] == '{' ) and some flags.

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  • @rafitc99 How did you solved?

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  • @salmanfaris Yes. I fixed it. But no idea about the reason for this error.

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