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    @Anudeep Thanks a lot m8, I actually made a very silly mistake of including the https:// while entering FIREBASE_HOST, where I must have entered the Domain name alone and removed the https:// extension.

    Thanks again for replying that quick. Cheers.

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    Hello @Palani, In the Firebase, there are two types of storage,

    Cloud Firestore (Very recent one & NoSQL database) Realtime Database (To which we upload the data using NodeMCU)

    In the Arduino Code, you can see that there is a variable named FIREBASE_AUTH.

    This variable should be assigned to the Database secret. This you can find in Project Settings -> Service accounts -> Database Secrets.

    My mistake is, i have mistakenly assigned thay to Web API key. This is found at Project Settings -> General.

    The error can also occur when u don't initialise a proper realtime database in Firebase. (This is not my case).

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    @Anudeep Hello Anudeep could you please help me out by elaborating the fix to get rid of that error?
    Thanks in advance.

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  • @rafitc99
    I have developed so many products using Arduino IDE as Programming environment as well I preferred both.. without bootloader hex files and as well with bootloader hex files...

    Only the thing is in industrial environment you must have good enough power supply source, extraordinary precautions for noise, emf, loose wirings, current capability of tracks of PCBs, upto mark use of necessary filters, components etc.

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  • @rafitc99 There are different products not only based on ATMEGA328P, products based on Attiny85,84, PIC, etc., and you can also obviously use Arduino sketches but one can only make the application yet keep the code light only by directly programming in bare-metal. Because Arduino IDE and Arduino bootloaders are made up of wrappers around basic codes which makes the code very heavy and occupies most of the IC's memory. So, it is good to make commercial products with Arduino IDE but it comes with risk though. Let me know if you have different views.

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