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  • Hi @binishmatheww , Welcome to Makergram.

    I see you want to build a GPS Logger. For that, you can use any basic GPS module available in the market such as NEO-6M GPS Module or any from the list here.

    After that, you need to choose a microcontroller, which can communicate with the GPS module read the GPS and translate the NMEA (data format for GPS packets) to a more usable format (you can do the post-processing in the phone too).

    Then you can send the data to hone via BLE, for this you can use a BLE-supported microcontroller or use a standalone BLE co-processor. My suggestion is to go with esp32 as it has BLE support and other cores can be used for the GPS data acquisition. To do the post-processing and other things you can do with the mobile app.

    You can split the project into different parts.

    GPS Data Acquisition. (You can use Arduino IDE + ESP32/Pico W + GPS module of your choice) GPS data translation (There will be Arduino lib which can make the translation easier) Send Data to the mobile app via BLE (Arduino IDE + ESP32/Pico W + BLE LIB + Mobile application).

    Hope you get an idea, please check and let us know. Happy building.

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  • I want to build a device which collects location information with GPS using the internet via a SIM card.
    I also need this data to be transferred to my Android device via a USB cable for realtime processing.

    Currently, in one of my Android apps, I collect location information from the built-in GPS module of the mobile phone. But this is sometimes inaccurate due to hardware limitations and Operating system throttling.
    This affects real-time processing in the app.

    So, I want to make a dedicated GPS device which outputs the location data via a USB cable to the mobile phone so that the app could process it in real-time.

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  • Hi,

    I am looking into developing a GPS module which communicates with an Android phone via a USB cable.
    I am an Android engineer who is new to hardware engineering.

    Any help is much appreciated. 🙂

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  • @jacob_jipson Glad to hear that. 🙌

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  • J

    @salmanfaris The problem was resolved. Thankyou so much.

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