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  • @salmanfaris Yeah, just like features and price, long term support is also crucial in determining the efficacy of a microcontroller. What RPi has done with the new introduction of the MCU is close to perfection. Like you said, they had everything ready before the release and that how it should be. No other manufacturer has ever done this before. RPi understands their users and what they seek, as always. With that, they have been able to pull something off that no other manufacturer could.

    RP2040 is not just going to be used in hobby spectrum, but also high volume commercial applications. And that's why I said before it is setting off a REVOLUTION. It's just a matter of time RP2040 supersedes ATmega328 in popularity. Microchip has to worry again! 🤭

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  • @vishnumaiea I agree, they did an incredible job in the making of this product and, it looks like a perfect board for the maker/student/artist who wants to build project and learn stuff, they released all the docs, SDK, kit's even a book too.

    I believe the perfect MCU depends on the application and price range so that actually works well in RP2040 latest for hobby maker I think, I not stating this is perfect MCU but it can make a big effect in maker market like Arduino UNO.

    @vishnumaiea said in The Raspberry Pi Pico:

    Since RPi is from UK they must have also been able to make a better deal with ARM, which is also from UK

    Attaching Recent Eben Upton (CEO of Raspberry Pi) Tweet.



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  • @zainmuhammed RP2040 is not a perfect MCU nor it was designed to become one. It's still an ARM Cortex MCU. You can see many other similarly or even lower priced offerings from other manufacturers. For example, look at ESP8266 and ESP32. They don't use ARM core and thus save a lot on IP royalties (Intellectual Property for Silicon designs) and come with even more features.

    But since it's from the house of Raspberry Pi, everybody knows that RP2040 is going to reach everywhere like wildfire. That kind of volume projection allowed them to cut the cost in the early stage of release. Because, cost of producing something totally depends on the scale of manufacturing.

    Since RPi is from UK they must have also been able to make a better deal with ARM, which is also from UK.

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  • Board with raspberry pi silicon:
    -> Arduino Nano RP2040
    -> Adafruit Feather RP2040
    -> SparkFun Thing Plus - RP2040

    add if you found more!

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