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  • 📚 Updates

    🔥 MakerGram won T-works Everything Electronics Quiz 3 .


    ✨ Opportunities

    ✨ CIRCUITSTATE Maker Incentive Programme 2021 : Maker Incentive Programme 2021 is CIRCUITSTATE's initiative to expand the open knowledge base by financially supporting individuals passionate about electronics and computer programming. more information


    ✨ Disruptive Technologies IoT Sensor Starter Kit Award
    Wevolver, in partnership with Disruptive Technologies, is awarding IoT hardware and infrastructure to support engineers in the development of the next generation of smart building systems. More Information


    ✨ Adaptive Computing Challenge 2021 with Xilinx : Combine the power of Xilinx adaptive computing platforms with Vivado® ML, Vitis™ unified software platform, and Vitis AI development environment to solve real-world problems! more information


    ✨ "Useless" design competition : ALLPCB is holding a "Useless" design competition to encourage innovation and all kinds of creativity. Here, we help you make your ideas come true as long as it is interesting. Come and start a "Useless" design with ALLPCB and you may bring $1000+ home! more information


    ✨ Kerala Startup Innovation Drive 2021: Govt. of Kerala has introduced the Innovation Grant scheme to provide financial assistance to startups, entrepreneurs and startups to help them convert their innovative ideas into full-fledged ventures. More information


    🚀 Projects

    ** Jetson nano ROS based Robotic Project by @zainmuhammed**

    WhatsApp Image 2021-10-02 at 12.02.15 PM.jpeg

    Speech Recognition using Wio Terminal & Code Craft + Edge Impulse. A simple voice recognition project using code craft graphical programming, wio terminal and edge Impulse. Read here


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  • Student Design Competition 2021 by Altium, Upverter and IPC Education Foundation.


    Upverter Education, a division of Altium, the IPC Education Foundation, and Arduino are partnering to create the first student design competition to engage, educate, and enhance students’ proficiencies in PCB design, with a focus on solving some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

    More details:

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  • 📰 Updates

    Raspberry Pi Rolls Out New Documentation Online


    As of Monday August 9th, a new documentation site has been built and deployed directly from a documentation repository, using Github Actions.

    Chip Shortage Challenges Maker Manufacturers:

    Adafruit, Sparkfun, and other wellsprings of amateur innovation face a new normal – IEEE Spectrum.

    The new TI-84 Plus CE Python Graphing Calculator by Texas Instruments


    The calculator runs a fork of CircuitPython on a dedicated Atmel processor inside: more details

    tCam-Mini : Open Source Wireless Thermal Imaging Module based on Flir Lepton 3.5 and ESP32 by Circuitstate.


    tCam-Mini is a wireless thermal imaging module based on ESP32 and FLIR Lepton 3.5 Infrared camera module. The open source project is created by Dan Julio and was crowd funded through Hackster Launch and GroupGets. More details


    Events 🎉

    EdgeImpluse Imagine: The future of data-driven engineering starts now


    Hear from embedded machine learning industry leaders and pioneers and participate in live discussions, Join for the latest innovations in embedded machine learning for the real world. Register now

    Work With by Silicon Labs Virtual conference.


    Design connected devices using best practices, guidelines and examples presented by IoT engineers Register Now.


    Opportunity ✨

    Call for Makers: Show Your Project at Maker Faire Shenzhen 2021 Virtually


    This year on November 20-21, Maker Faire Shenzhen will take place in phygital mode. The makerfaire team also keeping the digital format on maker faire team channels, Join the great team of makers, innovative companies, startups, and artisans to show and tell your tinkering stories. More details.

    EW Project Challenge 2021: Participate & build hardware to solve the problems, and get a chance to win amazing prizes worth $2000+ and opportunities.


    How we can make tomorrow more sustainable and efficient. How we can solve the problems by using technology. The challenge is to build projects that bring improvement, efficiency, and create an impact by solving problems. More details.

    People.Planet.Product. Student Design Challenge


    The Washing Machine Project has produced a manual, crank-handle washing machine called Divya that has been proven to save 75% of the time and 50% of the water taken to handwash clothes. The impact of this is huge, but the Divya team believe we can do more. More details

    Code a Pookkalam by TinkerHub Foundation


    Code-a-pookalam is a creative coding challenge organised this festive season from date to date.
    A grand prize of MacBook Air (13" M1) is up for grabs and it simply doesn't stop there! :star_struck:
    There are so many more exciting prizes to be announced soon! All the participants will receive a physical certificate from TinkerHub for their successful participation. More details.


    Projects 🛠

    InMoov arm and BioAmp EXG pill sensor by Mayoogh Girish


    Demonstration Video

    Ai controlled laser turret by athulkrishnakdlr.


    A Gesture controlled laser turret, we can control the movement of the laser by hand movement. With the help of OpenCV, we move the mouse in the computer by hand control. You can find the project details here.


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  • Event 📅

    Bringing the IoT Together at Works With 2021. Reserve Your FREE Seat Today!


    Join Silicon Labs virtually at Works With, the world’s ONLY event to bring the entirety of IoT device makers, ecosystem providers, protocol, and standards bodies together to accelerate IoT innovation. more info

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