Error in network creation of Hyperledger Fabric network usin AWS blockchain templates for Hyperledger Fabric

  • We are trying to build a blockchain-based solution for the forensic application of vehicular accidents. The accident data of the vehicle is stored to a blockchain network in hyperledger fabric, so that no one can tamper the data, only authenticated authorities who have access to the hyperledger fabric network ledger can access to it which we make use of the channel concept in the hyperledger framework.

    So the data from the IoT device (currently we build an app to access data such as accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS from smartphones) is been transferred to the Hyperledger Fabric network. We try to create a Fabric network in the AWS blockchain template for Hyperledger Fabric. Then from this hyperledger fabric, all the organizations who are part of this network such as forensic, insurance, manufacturers etc, are the stakeholders who can access the data in the network via the channel (channels helps to bring abstractions ie each stakeholder will only know what is necessary for them).

    So we try to create the blockchain network in AWS using Blockchain template for hyperledger fabric. The template for network creation is actually inside a cloud formation stack, which is a service provided by AWS, so we need to create the stack to create the network. Before creating this stack we need to create a VPC, EC2 instance, IAM roles and policies. So we follow according to the below youtube video to create it.

    After completing all the above prerequisite, we need to create the template inside the stack. Inside the stack we need to provide stack with the name of the stakeholders in the network ie, forensic, manufacturers etc.. Name of the VPC, EC2 instance ID, all the prerequisite details we created earlier.

    When clicking the create a stack, it takes some time to create it, after some time it shows the stack is getting failed and getting rollback, there will be two stacks one is a nested stack of the parent stack, which contains all the artefacts for the hyperledger fabric network it is one which gets failed first, then the parent stack which contains the link to the EC2 instance.
    WhatsApp Image 2020-04-21 at 7.11.08 PM.jpeg
    screenshot of the error

    Integration part ie transferring data and accessing ledger can be done only after this stack creation and network spun up.

  • @Abhay
    WhatsApp Image 2020-04-23 at 11.46.56 AM.jpeg

    We try to find more about the error so far this is what we got from it.

    So we run user data commands inside instance via SSH. Then error popped up when we run command for network artefacts.

    Any suggestions??

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