GPS + RF433 Not working together.

  • I need to get GPS location while a Trigger occurs. I'm sending trigger via 433Mhz RF transmitter. In the receiver, part contains a GPS module (NEO-7M) to get GPS location and RF 433Mhz to receiver RF message. (Refer code) My problem is by combining GPS + RF. GPS module not giving location details. While checking i found that while (gps.available( gps_port )) not running while #include <VirtualWire.h> is occur. I got a similar error while using SoftwareSerial.h with Radiohead.h

    What is the problem with these two libraries? Why Serial.available() not working in this code

    #include <NMEAGPS.h>
    #include <NeoSWSerial.h>
    #include <VirtualWire.h> 
    byte message[VW_MAX_MESSAGE_LEN]; // a buffer to store the incoming messages
    byte messageLength = VW_MAX_MESSAGE_LEN; // the size of the message
    int received_number = 0;
    int LED = 5;
    int i =0;
    NeoSWSerial gps_port(6,7);
    NMEAGPS gps;
    void setup(){
      Serial.println( F("GPS Start") );  // F macro saves RAM
      vw_set_rx_pin(11); // pin
      vw_setup(2000); // bps
    void loop(){
        // Set buffer to size of expected message
        uint8_t buf[1];
        uint8_t buflen = sizeof(buf);
        // Check if received packet is correct size
      if (vw_get_message(message, &messageLength)) // non-blocking
        Serial.print("Potentiometer: ");
          received_number = message[i];
          if(received_number == 1){
    void getGpsData() {
      Serial.println("im here");
      while (gps.available( gps_port )) {
        gps_fix fix =;
        if (fix.valid.location) {
          float outArray[2];
          outArray[0] = fix.latitude();  // Arrays start at 0, not 1.  Did you really mean [1] here?
          outArray[1] = fix.longitude();
          Serial.println( F("Latitude:") );
          Serial.println( outArray[0], 6 );
          Serial.println( F("Longitude:") );
          Serial.println( outArray[1], 6 );
        else {
          Serial.println("GPS Not availble");

  • @rafitc99 said in GPS + RF433 Not working together.:

    I got a similar error while using

    Can you share the error here, also share the library link that you are using.

  • @salmanfaris Not syntax error. its not reading GPS data. That's the problem.

  • What output you are getting? Just some zeros?

  • @salmanfaris No any output. Arduino not wating for GPS data.Not runing this loop while (gps.available( gps_port ))

  • does it return one/true when you are testing only with gps and gps.available( gps_port )?

  • @salmanfaris gps.available( gps_port ) Is not return a True case.

  • @salmanfaris for running while(gps.avaible()); MCU need to wait some time. but after adding VirtualWire library it's not waiting for Serial.available()

  • @rafitc99 said in GPS + RF433 Not working together.:

    ps.available( gps_port ) Is not return a True case.

    Then how is the while loop will work? It should return!

  • @rafitc99 said in GPS + RF433 Not working together.:

    library it's not waiting for Serial.available()

    did you try manual waiting? Instead of delay, you can use mills, so the background works will keep run.

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