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  • Hi @Vipin-I-V ,

    This seems to be an interesting project.

    Please share the development here...

    I was thinking of something similar, but not for gaming. Won't it be cool to have the Ctrl, Cmd & Alt keys as pedals? Please share your thoughts & insights.

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  • Hi @mkgrmAbhinand ,

    Did your issue resolve?

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  • @mkgrmabhinand Hi, It Looks like you didn't install the NodeJS on your computer, or didn't add the PATH correctly in the environment variables.

    Could you confirm that you installed the Node JS in your computer from the .exe or .msi installation files?

    If not and if you want to run Node-RED, you need to install recommended NodeJS version 14.x and you can download the version here .

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  • 2022-10-09 (1).png

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  • Thanks for sharing @rafitc99 . Glad to know that it was solved.

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