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  • @backrworace said in python method vs function:

    Python Method vs function
    Method is called by its name, but it is associated to an object (dependent).
    A method is implicitly passed the object on which it is invoked.
    It may or may not return any data.
    A method can operate on the data (instance variables) that is contained by the corresponding class
    Function is block of code that is also called by its name. (independent)
    The function can have different parameters or may not have any at all. If any data (parameters) are passed, they are passed explicitly.
    It may or may not return any data.
    Function does not deal with Class and its instance concept.

    I think not all parameters are the same, all according to their respective functions in use, it's just that certain needs and comfort are needed

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  • K

    I need help in programming for my startup project hardware completion

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  • Recently, I got a chance to work work the SeeedStudio T1000 tracker and I made a tracker and data logger with it. It comes with a LoRa module to transmit the data and has an inbuilt temperature and light sensor. The device is very easy to set up and get-started and I can say the experience of switching from different LoRa network servers is very pleasant and straightforward, same for the integration. I chose Ubidots to visualise the data captured.

    I also like the mobile application very much, it’s so easy to pair and change the tracker configuration on the go. I love it.

    I will experiment more and share my insights here. let me know if you want to know any specific details about the SenseCAP T1000.

    It’s live on Kickstarter and you can pledge for $29 for single T1000 tracker, you will get 1 piece T1000 with 3 months of free trial service on the SenseCAP platform. Take a look :


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  • @dipu_varghese Hi, How does it go? Would like to know about the updates 🙂 or anything I can do to help you.

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  • @zainmuhammed Oh that's cool. Let me also take a look at the stability analysis of a drone and get back to you.

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