Call for Makers: Virtually Maker Faire – May 23, 2020

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    24 Hours of Presentations, Workshops, Demos, and Exhibits Across All Time Zones

    Across the world, makers have responded to shortages of medical supplies and equipment with agile designs, adaptive distributed manufacturing, and community organizing. Virtually Maker Faire will be a stage to share the projects and learn from the people behind this extraordinary civic response.

    Virtually Maker Faire will take place online through video sessions and an exhibit showcase on Make: Projects

    Virtually Maker Faire Tracks

    Community Organizing

    • The organization of local distribution networks for pickup and delivery.
    • Tools and methods used to manage volunteers and incoming requests.
    • Creating awareness in government, industry and citizens; Funding models or lack thereof.

    Learning and Teaching

    • How are maker educators adapting to digital tools.
    • Encouraging hands-on learning at home.
    • Doing hands-on workshops and courses online.
    • How to train more people to participate in the civic response.

    Re-thinking the Future

    • How the pandemic and our response to it is teaching us to think differently.
    • How, where and why we do things.
    • Sustainability. Food. Well-being.

    Design & Production

    • The development, rapid prototyping, testing, and deployment of shared * solutions. Specific projects and how they developed.
    • How capacity to produce locally matters to the response.
    • Iterating to meet needs and respond to feedback from health care work.


    • Necessity of DIY.
    • Making for fun.
    • To keep one’s sanity.
    • Social connections.

    If you’ve been involved in the civic response for COVID-19, we want to hear from you! Tell us about your projects, share what’s going on in your community, tell us how your makerspace, FabLab, maker club or school is involved. Your stories and insight can help others. Get involved by organizing or leading a panel discussion, host a workshop or demonstration, share a presentation, or contribute a project.

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  • Now we can participate in Maker Faire 😋 Thanks for sharing

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