Support needed for NXP KL25Z Freedom board

  • Hello,
    I've been practicing ARM programming over NXP's Kinetis series KL25Z board. Unlike the kinetis HAL approach, I am practicing entirely using baremetal coding with Keil U vision. I am facing problems in coding the UART programme of this board. If anyone has any prior experience over this board please do help me out guys. I have attached the link for the datasheet of this board FRDM KL25Z Datasheet Link

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi @kowshik1729 ,

    Could you please specify what problem you are facing while using UART in KL25Z? it will be more helpful to understand your situation. also, try to attach some useful error log.

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    @kowshik1729 Thank you....
    Very help full your replay ...

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