Day 3: Create Board layout from Schematics

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  • Hey Maker,

    Since we have many makers, embedded developers and engineers in our community, we thought we will have a discussion about Embedded and Prototyping development board

    What's your favourite Embedded/Prototyping development board?

    What are the features that make it as your favourite?

    Also what do you think about an ideal Embedded/Prototyping development board?

    We look forward to your opinion, experience. Stay safe and healthy.

    Note: We have some giveaway prizes for the selected and most upvoted replies! 😋 🤘

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  • @Raman woow. Can you share what's the project with us if it's okay with you??

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  • R

    @kowshik1729 thank sir its not for our project its for our product bro

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  • @kowshik1729 You can find the sensor Operating Instructions here. since it's an industrial one, Arduino instruction will not available out of the box! but we can contact the manufacture regarding the communication protocols to write driver/ interfacing programme fo this.

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  • @Raman Glad to know. All the best for your project.

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