Call for Software Engineering Volunteers | Coronasafe.Network

  • Call for Software Engineering Volunteers | Coronasafe.Network

    1. CoronaSafe Network is a an open-source public utility designed by a multi-disciplinary team of volunteers along with the Government of Kerala.�

    2. The goal is to create a volunteer run defence network to protect the healthcare system of a state or nation against the corona virus attack.�

    3. There are currently more than 20 applications that are running live which are designed to give the Chief Minister’s office and general public live information about Hospital Bed Capacity Utilisation, Corona Care Canters Capacity Utilisation, Inventory Management, Volunteer Management, Patient Management, Food Management, Ambulance Network and other features.�

    4. We are extremely short on software engineering talent and require immediate and urgent reinforcements from the software engineering community to setup the full network and put in on trial run by March 28th, 2020.��

    5. Pass this message to software engineering community.�

    Volunteer at

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