BPCL Startup Grand Slam 2020 - Season #1

  • Key features and highlights of the Grand Challenge are :

    • 6 Problem Statements, 6 Winners

    • Cumulative prize money of INR 3 Cr

    • One winner for each problem statement to receive INR 50 Lacs as the prize

    money which will be one of the highest, not only in India but beyond; making BPCL Startup Grand Challenge a marquee platform for startups. BPCL can explore additional funding if needed.

    • For Startups this could be a great entry to work with BPCL & Indian Oil and Gas industry.

    • Opportunity to work & collaborate with BPCL to develop and build new products/solutions for Startups. BPCL shall extend all possible support including mentorship, access to data/facilities and evangelizing within the oil & gas industry.


    • Date of publishing: Frinday 3rd January 2020

    • Last Date of Submission of Entries for initial round: 2nd February 2020

    • Announcement of finalists for each problem statement: 20th February

    • Pitching sessions: Last week of February (dates shall be announced and communicated shortly)

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  • Should we only develop solutions only related to Oil & Gas or it's an open innovation?

  • The theme of the challenges is Oil & Gas, Fuel Retailing, Marketing and Energy Conservation and they also provided complete problem statement on their website.

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