HackAway 24 hour hackathon



    🤔🌍 "What can I do for the world?" 🌍🤔

    A question that has been raised millions of times by students all over the world. A question often placed aside due to the notion that there are a billion others to do that work for you. 😔😔

    Not any more.❌ Be the change you want to bring to this world with Rajagiri in 🧠Hack-Away🧠, a theme based hardware hackathon with a vision to save the earth. 💪💪

    Grind your gears⚙ this season to find the ultimate solution, mixed with awesome activities and a night full of *brainstorming fun!*🌃🎉🥳🥳

    Time: 15th November 5:00 pm to 16th November 5:00 pm

    Theme: Save the earth 🌎


    💰Prizes Worth 10K💰

    Registration fees: Rs. 300 per head

    ⚠2-4 Members per Team⚠

    Registrations is live!!

    Registration link:

    Contact :
    Eldho 9745161124
    Aravind :8848128821

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    @arunksoman , any idea on this

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    Hi all,
    My raspberry pi 3b was working recently ... Installed raspbian os.. but lately on inserting sd card no green light blinks ... Just the red light is there for the power supply... The sd card is being read at other sd card readers or in phone but not in raspberry pi ... Have also tested other sd cards but have got no success... Pls do let me know what can i do ?

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  • @Ggreeshma-stani Pretty good than the previous design. I am able to see 2 crystals on the board. Can I know why did you use another one?

    And finally, you can address me as kowshik. No need of sir😉

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    @salmanfaris yes sir i have made the changes and have minimised the board size.

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    @kowshik1729 sir i have made the appropriate corrections.
    and thank you for notifying me on the errors

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