HackAway 24 hour hackathon



    🤔🌍 "What can I do for the world?" 🌍🤔

    A question that has been raised millions of times by students all over the world. A question often placed aside due to the notion that there are a billion others to do that work for you. 😔😔

    Not any more.❌ Be the change you want to bring to this world with Rajagiri in 🧠Hack-Away🧠, a theme based hardware hackathon with a vision to save the earth. 💪💪

    Grind your gears⚙ this season to find the ultimate solution, mixed with awesome activities and a night full of *brainstorming fun!*🌃🎉🥳🥳

    Time: 15th November 5:00 pm to 16th November 5:00 pm

    Theme: Save the earth 🌎


    💰Prizes Worth 10K💰

    Registration fees: Rs. 300 per head

    ⚠2-4 Members per Team⚠

    Registrations is live!!

    Registration link:

    Contact :
    Eldho 9745161124
    Aravind :8848128821

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    @salmanfaris best if you could point me to an example that works as described: getting different values depending on hoe close the finger is without really touching. nothing i tried did work yet

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    @salmanfaris I haven't found a good sensor module for this at all. I used a thing which was calles touch sensor and it returns only 1/0. Tried to use touchRead() but it is not sensitive apparently, only 40 and 1 more or less.

    #define touch_pin_numer 33

    const int VALUE_THRESHOLD = 30;
    void setup()

    void loop(){
    TOUCH_SENSOR_VALUE = touchRead(touch_pin_numer);
    Serial.println ("Touch ON");
    Serial.println ("Touch OFF");

    should show something between 40 (current max) and 1 (current min) the closer the finger gets but it shows 40/41/39 and 1 - nothing inbetween. got this code from the web

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  • @FlorianB Can you share the code, output window/error and details of the sensor module?

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    Hi! I am trying to add an capacitive sensor to the ESP32, that will work through glass with 3mm thickness and an distance of 8 to 2 cm. I have bought sensors which only work on touch, i have looked into the touchRead() function but cant get a steady value increase/decrease with distance and only a real touch gets me enough difference to count it as a "touch". I have checked Arduino examples with foil where a resistor can set the sensitivity but nothing worked on my ESP32. i have spent hours looking for an example, can somebody point me to one please?

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    Welcome to the Second edition of MakerGram Live, a newsletter where we pull together information about Interesting projects, Industry news, upcoming events, job opportunities and other interesting bits that you may find useful. 😉

    If you are a member of makergram, you already received a mail, please check your inbox or you can read from here: MakerGram Live | May 2020 Maker Update

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