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    Hello Friend,

    MakerGram is excited to share this news with you.

    We at MakerGram building a great online platform where technology enthusiasts can collaborate, learn and share knowledge. MakerGram partnered with communities and enablers.

    Now, we are looking for interns who can help us in this mission. If you are smart, energetic and passionate enough to make a change in the technology world, here is an opportunity for you to showcase your talent. Sounds good ? If you are a student with the following qualities.

    1. Good understanding of Social media platforms
    2. Basic content writing skills
    3. Understanding in hardware prototyping platforms

    What you can expect

    1. Opportunity to be part of good hardware projects
    2. Exclusive access to the flagship events
    3. Placement assistants in good companies
    4. Beta access latest hardware & Technologies
    5. Mentorship
    6. Certificate
    7. Goodies and Swags

    Compensation - non-paid
    Duration - 6 Months
    Mode - Remote
    Requirement -

    1. 10-15 hour work per week
    2. Laptop & Smartphone with a stable internet connection


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    @salmanfaris best if you could point me to an example that works as described: getting different values depending on hoe close the finger is without really touching. nothing i tried did work yet

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    @salmanfaris I haven't found a good sensor module for this at all. I used a thing which was calles touch sensor and it returns only 1/0. Tried to use touchRead() but it is not sensitive apparently, only 40 and 1 more or less.

    #define touch_pin_numer 33

    const int VALUE_THRESHOLD = 30;
    void setup()

    void loop(){
    TOUCH_SENSOR_VALUE = touchRead(touch_pin_numer);
    Serial.println ("Touch ON");
    Serial.println ("Touch OFF");

    should show something between 40 (current max) and 1 (current min) the closer the finger gets but it shows 40/41/39 and 1 - nothing inbetween. got this code from the web

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  • @FlorianB Can you share the code, output window/error and details of the sensor module?

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    Hi! I am trying to add an capacitive sensor to the ESP32, that will work through glass with 3mm thickness and an distance of 8 to 2 cm. I have bought sensors which only work on touch, i have looked into the touchRead() function but cant get a steady value increase/decrease with distance and only a real touch gets me enough difference to count it as a "touch". I have checked Arduino examples with foil where a resistor can set the sensitivity but nothing worked on my ESP32. i have spent hours looking for an example, can somebody point me to one please?

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    Welcome to the Second edition of MakerGram Live, a newsletter where we pull together information about Interesting projects, Industry news, upcoming events, job opportunities and other interesting bits that you may find useful. 😉

    If you are a member of makergram, you already received a mail, please check your inbox or you can read from here: MakerGram Live | May 2020 Maker Update

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