Kuttycoders chapter 2

  • Kuttycoders is a 3 day bootcamp that aims to build a coding literacy among the students in the age group 10 to 17. Through this program get ready to dive into the interesting world of technology and learn from experts.

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    So this Onam get ready to surprise Maveli with your coding skills.
    This Onam get ready to be a tech expert as Kuttycoders is back with season 2. With a successful season 1, the team is proud to announce the season 2 of this amazing program aimed at students in the age group 10 to 17.

    📆 Date - September 7,8,9
    📍 Venue - Cittic, Cusat, Kalamassery

    Registration link in the website kuttycoders.in

    Registration fee of Rs.600/-

  • Thanks for sharing 😊 .

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  • Hi @Akhil I found the following answer in one of the forums. here is the link to the thread.

    The way that I've seen most people do it (have a look on the Raspberry Pi forums), and have done myself with success is using /etc/rc.local.

    All you need to do here is put ./myscript in the rc.local text file. If it's in python, put python myscript.py.

    This literally is "a simple solution, (like dropping my script in some "startup" directory or something similar)"- maybe search on the forums when you're having questions as well, this solution came up on the first 4 results of a google search!

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  • @mubassir-mk Glad that it helped.

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  • M

    @kowshik1729 Thank you....
    Very help full your replay ...

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