0x03: Demystifying Embedded Development

  • This webinar focuses on the absolute basics of embedded systems for all the makers who wish to step into the world of embedded systems development, As Introductory session, this will mostly include theoretical things but useful 😋 🤘

    Maker: Prasanth K Subash - @kksjunior
    Place: Zoom
    Date: 10th May 2020
    Time: 8:40 PM

    Register here at https://forms.gle/rz3PNAgoCB2PaipTA

    Join our telegram group: t.me/makergram


  • Thank you @kksjunior 🔥, for the session it was very informative and looking forward with some bare metal coding. 😋

  • Thank you so much @MakerGram & @salmanfaris for the opportunity to present the webinar on this topic. I've been planning for a long time to arrange a session like this to introduce the world of embedded systems and baremetal programming to our fellow maker friends so that they'll be capable of making better quality real products out in to the market. I had to rush the explanations a little bit because of our time limitations but if our friends like to have another session and want to study more about bare-metal embedded programming we will definitely arrange for more sessions in this series to explain all these concepts in detail.

  • Recordings: MakerChat 0x03: Demystifying Embedded Development by Prasanth K Subash - @kksjunior | MakerGram Hardware Community

    YouTube: https://youtu.be/tfbDcFfNhm0

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