Help needed for ESP8266, GPS neo6m and Firebase

  • Good day all,
    I'm trying to upload the GPS neo-6m data to the firebase realtime database through the ESP8266 wifi module. but, after I uploaded the code nothing happen to the firebase and I can't find the latitude and longitude in the firebase.
    can you please have a look at my code, please? I didn't receive any error messages when I uploaded the code.

    #include <TinyGPS++.h>
    #include <SoftwareSerial.h>
    #include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
    #include <FirebaseArduino.h>
    #include <ArduinoJson.h>
    #define FIREBASE_HOST 
    #define FIREBASE_AUTH 
    #define WIFI_SSID 
    #define WIFI_PASSWORD
    static const int RXPin =0, TXPin =2;
    static const uint32_t GPSBaud = 9600;
    TinyGPSPlus gps;
    // The serial connection to the GPS device
    SoftwareSerial ss(RXPin, TXPin);
    void setup() {
      // connect to wifi.
      while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {
      Serial.print("connected: ");
      Firebase.begin(FIREBASE_HOST, FIREBASE_AUTH);
    void loop() {
     while (ss.available() > 0){
        if (gps.location.isUpdated()){
          Serial.print("Latitude= ");
          Serial.print(, 6);
          Firebase.pushString("/lat", "sd");
          Serial.print(" Longitude= ");
         Serial.println(gps.location.lng(), 6);
         Firebase.pushString("/lng", "sd");

  • @Sara , are you able to see the Latitude and longitude on the Serial Monitor ? and are you getting any error or something?

  • @salmanfaris yes I can see the latitude and longitude on the serial monitor and when I used them on the google map I can see my house. Also, there are no error messages received.

  • @Sara try this code.

    #include <WiFi.h> // esp32 library
    #include <IOXhop_FirebaseESP32.h>  // firebase library
    #define FIREBASE_HOST ""// the project name address from firebase id
    #define FIREBASE_AUTH "Your Firebase secret key" // the secret key generated from firebase
    #define WIFI_SSID "Your SSID"  // input your home or public wifi name
    #define WIFI_PASSWORD "Your Passcode"   //password of wifi ssid
    String fireStatus = ""; // led status received from firebase
    void setup() {
      WiFi.begin(WIFI_SSID, WIFI_PASSWORD); //try to connect with wifi
      Serial.print("Connecting to ");
      while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {
      Serial.print("Connected to ");
      Serial.print("IP Address is : ");
      Serial.println(WiFi.localIP());      //print local IP address
      Firebase.begin(FIREBASE_HOST, FIREBASE_AUTH);   // connect to firebase
      Firebase.setString("Your feedname", "your value");     //send initial string of led status

  • @kowshik1729 I received this error message

    Arduino: 1.8.12 (Windows Store (Windows 10), Board: "Generic ESP8266 Module, 80 MHz, Flash, ck, 26 MHz, 40MHz, QIO, 512K (no SPIFFS), 2, v2 Lower Memory, Serial, None, Only Sketch, 115200"

    sketch_mar22b:3:55: fatal error: IOXhop_FirebaseESP32.h: No such file or directory

    #include <IOXhop_FirebaseESP32.h> // firebase library


    compilation terminated.

    exit status 1
    IOXhop_FirebaseESP32.h: No such file or directory

    This report would have more information with
    "Show verbose output during compilation"
    option enabled in File -> Preferences.

  • @Sara Go to this site. Download the zip file.

    Go to your sketch in Arduino IDE -> include .ZIP library -> browse and select your zip file. This will install your library.

    Then try compiling your code.

  • @kowshik1729 still I'm receiving error messages. I think because the esp is different from the esp that mentioned in the code.

  • Yeah, I knew that. Typically ESP8266 can compile most of the codes of ESP32. That's why I asked to compile it once. I will get back to you with one more option.

  • @Sara

    Please try the instructions here step by step and try it.

  • @kowshik1729 I already did the same steps previously with no result.

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