GitHub Student Developer Pack

github Jul 10, 2020


How about this deal?Pack worth approx. $45,000(₹3,398,940.00)-here.It's an incredible package for students so don't wait for it, apply now.It’s available for all verified students ages 13+, anywhere in the world where GitHub is available.

How to get?

Initially here is a tip, if you have an email id with college or school domain its rather easy to get it.Otherwise you will need to cover more process during the initiation.

1.Go to this website and click "GET THE PACK".

GitHub Student Developer Pack
The best developer tools, free for students. Get your GitHub Student Developer Pack now.


You can apply as a student as well as a teacher,it depends on your qualification and needs.There is a difference in the process for each of them.While you choose student developer pack,you can apply for Campus Expert whereas if you are availing for teachers pack you will be qualified to be a Campus Advisor.After selecting a role provide email address,proof of academic status i,e preferrably college ID card.

3.After successful completion of the process you will recieve a mail like this.(Normally it takes 1 week)

Important things you need to know

  • Can set up private github repository while you are a student.(Normally $7/month).
  • Bitbucket-Free unlimited public and private repositories for academic users and teams.
  • Supercool and efficient Portfolio can be made.
  • Are you looking for domains?In this pack you can find cool domains like .io,.com,.me,.tech and some customizable domains too.
  • Can provide security also for those company or organizational websites.(SSL certificate is available)
  • Swags and great deals for goodies.


                      Unboxing Developer pack

Web Hosting


  • Figma
    {FREE}{UI/UX designing}{collaborative team work}{Windows,macOS}
  • Canva
    {FREE}{1 year}{designs and icons}
  • Icons8
    {FREE}{3 months}{premium icons}
  • Iconscout
    {FREE}{1 year}{60 icons/month}
  • Themeisle
    {FREE}{wordpress themes}{plugins}
  • Sketch
    {DISCOUNT}{50% off}
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    {DISCOUNT}{60% off}

IDE and code editors

  • Visual Studio Community( version 2007)
    {FREE}{C#,Javascript,C++ and others}
  • Bootstrap Studio
    {FREE}{Website making}
  • JetBrains IDE pack
    {FREE}{Professional desktop IDEs: IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, Ruby ,ReSharper ,Go ,SQL ,Javascript ,PHP ,C/C++}
  • Atom
    {FREE}{opensource}{plugin supported}{Windows,linux,macOS}
  • Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015
    {FREE}{code development}{parallel programming}{C++}{Windows,linux,macOS}
  • Xamarin IDE
    {FREE}{C#}{Windows,Android,mac OS}
  • DeepScan
    {FREE}{6 months}{javascript code quality}
  • Yakindu
    {FREE}{1 year}{High quality sourcecode generator}{Modelling complex systems}
  • SQLGate
    {FREE}{1 year}{SQL databases IDE}
  • GitPod
    {FREE}{6 months}{parallel workspaces}{repos}
  • Repl
    {FREE}{1 year}{50 languages}{API&plugins}
  • Usetogether
    {FREE}{6 months}{remote-pair-programming}{team collaboration tool}
  • Wisej
    {FREE}{C#}{web modernization}{custom integrations}{UI design}
  • ShiftEdit
    {DICOUNT}{$750 for 50 licenses}{developing websites}
  • popSQL
    {FREE}{team collaboration tool}

Software Security

  • Cryptolens
    {FREE}{10 licenses}
  • Astra
    {FREE}{6 months}{firewall,bug bounty,malware scanner}
  • NameCheap
    {FREE}{1 year normally $9/year}
  • Termius
    {FREE}{SSH client}{desktop and mobile}
  • LambdaTest
    {FREE}{1 year}{bowser testing on 2000+ real browsers}
  • BrowserStack
    {FREE}{1 year}{2000+ browsers and real iOS,android devices}
  • Shodan
    {FREE/CREDIT}{IoT,monitor network security}{100 export credits}{noramlly $49}
  • termius
    {FREE}{SSH client that works on desktop and mobile}{macOS,Windows,Linux}

3D animation & Game development


  • Typeform
    {FREE}{1 year}{interactive forms,surveys and quizzes}
  • AppFigures
    {FREE}{1 year}{app store analytics and intelligence}
  • SimpleAnalytics
    {FREE}{1 year}{simple analytics interface & API}
  • Codescene
    {FREE}{ identify social patterns,detect delivery risks and manage technical debt}
  • Baremetrics
    {FREE}{metrics,dunning and engagement tools}
  • DailyBot
    {FREE}{1 year}{surveys,follow ups,feedbacks}
  • Cartodb
    {FREE}{SaaS,cloud computing}
  • Tableau Desktop version
    {FREE}{1 year}{data blending,real time analysis,collaboration of data}
  • Scraping Hub
    {FREE}{120 days}{unlimited team members}{manage and automate web}

Domain Name

  • NameCheap
    {FREE}{1 year}{.me}
    {DISCOUNT}{1 year}{.io,.tech,.com,.website}
    {FREE}{1 domain}{SSL,privacy security}
  • .tech
    {DISCOUNT}{1 year $0.99}{.tech}

Ease of Access

  • MongoDB
    {FREE/CREDIT}{document database}{$200 in Atlas}{Access to MongoDB Compass,University}
  • PushBots
    {FREE}{6 months}{Mobile Push Messaging}
  • Bitnami
    {FREE}{1 year}{normally $49/year}{install cloud applications}
  • Vertabelo
    {FREE}{database design}
  • Mapbox
    {CREDIT}{5 GB storage}{mapping platform}
  • EverSQL
    {FREE}{6 months}{optimize SQL queries}
  • SQLSmash
    {FREE}{1 year}{plugin}{SQL scripts and faster navigation}
  • Weglot
    {FREE}{1 year}{translation}{unlimited languages & 200k+words}
  • Transifex
    {FREE}{1 year}{translating digital content}
  • Phrase
    {FREE}{1 year}{translation management system}
  • LingoHub
    {FREE}{10k text segments available}{translation management system}
  • YellowCircle
    {FREE}}{virtual routers, machines and firewalls}
  • Stripe
    {CREDIT}{Web and mobile payments,built for developers}
  • Xojo
    {FREE}{native apps for desktop}{desktop,web,mobile & Raspberry Pi}
    {FREE}{build iOS apps with drag and drop}{app development}
  • IMGBot
    {FREE}{image optimization}
  • Sentry
    {FREE}{error tracing}{language,framework,library}

Email and password

  • Mailgun
    {FREE}{1 year}{20,000 free emails}{100 free email validations}
    {FREE}{automate mail tests}{powerful GraphQL API}
  • Send Grid
    {FREE}{15k mails/month}
  • Last Pass
    {FREE}{6 months}{password manager}
  • RoboForm
    {FREE}{password manager}{autofill tool}
  • DashLane
    {FREE}{password manager}{digital wallet}

Software Packages


  • Frontend Masters
    {FREE}{6 months}{frontend,Javascript,Node.js}
  • Adafruit
    {FREE}{educational electronics & hardware}
  • One Month
    {FREE}{HTML,CSS,Javascript,Python in 30 days}
  • Go Rails
    {FREE}{1 year}{Ruby,Rails,Javascript,Turbolinks,Stimulus.js,Vue.js etc}
  • Flatiron School
    {FREE}{1 month bootcamp}{web development}
  • Thinkful
    {FREE}{1 month bootcamp}{web development}
  • SymfonyCasts
    {FREE}{3 months}{Master Symfony and PHP tutorials}
  • HackHands
    {CREDIT}{$ 25}{programming help 24/7}
  • Covalence
    {FREE}{Full stack web development}
  • Data Camp
    {FREE}{3 month}{data fluency}
  • PromoDone
    {FREE}{2 years}{time,workflow tracking}
  • Jaamly
    {FREE}{6 months}{helps to deploy apps in playstore}
  • Evernote
  • Transloadit
    {FREE}{file conversion}
    {FREE}{1 year}{tutorials,cloud computing environment,tech skills}
  • HazeOver
    {FREE}{distraction dimmer}{macOS}
  • Arduino Education
    {FREE}{6 months}{hardware making}
  • Interview Cake
    {FREE}{3 months}{coding interview}
  • Educative
    {FREE}{Web Development,Python,Java and Machine Learning}
  • USETogether
    {FREE}{6 months}{team collaboration}{remote pair programming}


  • Amazon web Services
    {FREE}{cloud,learning,collaboration tools}
  • Microsoft Azure
    {FREE/CREDIT}{$100/year}{build,manage and deploy apps}{Cloud Computing}
  • Google Cloud
    {FREE}{Cloud service & GSUITE}#limitation applicable
  • Heroku
    {FREE}{2 years}{deploy,run and manage apps}
  • Blockchair
    {FREE}{Block Chain}{supports major Crypto currencies}{100k free requests}
  • Customerly
    {FREE}{6 months}{customer as a service}{live chat,behavioural funnels,newsletters,surveys}
  • Netlicensing
    {FREE}{desktop to IoT and software as a service}
  • Ip Geolocation
    {DISCOUNT}{50% & free for 50k requests}
  • Taskade
    {DISCOUNT}{50%}{remote workflow,team collaboration}
  • Polypane
    {FREE}{1 year}{browser and developer tool}
  • GitKraken
    {FREE}{Git GUI client}{Windows,mac,Linux}
  • Tower
    {FREE}{Git Client}{Desktop,mac,Windows}
  • Working Copy
    {FREE}{Powerful Git client for iPhone & iPad.}
  • Kaltura
    {CREDIT}{$10k/year}{building smart,interactive VOD,Live and real-time video experiences}

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Datadog
    {FREE}{2 years}{cloud based monitoring}
  • netwise.
    {FREE}{1 year}{turnkey data centre services}
  • HoneyBadger
    {FREE}{1 year}{Exception,uptime and cron monitoring}
  • Deepsource
    {FREE}{Static code analyzer for Python and Go}{security & bug risks}
  • Raygun
    {FREE}{1 year}{Error,crash and performance monitoring}{web,mobile}


Above mentioned softwares are personally verified.